a black comedy

by bezzle

this morning, i slept through my alarm (so what else is new?) and finally dragged myself up at 7:40, with bball training started at 8.  hence a lot of mental cursing, and rushed breakfast (thank goodness i ran out of that uncle toby’s stuff.  it doesn’t taste as good when you’re rushing).  made it on time.  phew.

had to watch a debate in period 3, so the guys’ bball teaching thing got cut short.  the debate was about streaming classes, alex, suraj, beryl and shaz against some very tall and buff looking stratfield girls.  our school lost.  has anyone ever noticed that debate adjudicators are always young women?  i’ve never seen an old man, or, even a male do the adjudicating.  hmmm.  i thought it was a close debate (although the stratfield girls’ arguments were a tad random) but i personally don’t like streaming classes.  maths class makes me miserable.  so i’m glad that i sit near funny and helpful people :)

commerce was amusing.  felt a bit dissatisfied with my own mark, but nothing there wasn’t anything i could do about it, so i just played mr squiggle with julia while everyone unsuccessfully scabbed marks.  it was very fun :D BUT BUT that chick was cute… [i mean the bird – oh wait that still means- the BABY CHICKEN.  geez.]

had physics again.  i’m still feeling ambivalent about it.  of course, finding out i got top in the class for the test i didn’t know much about and getting a block of chocolate from jowa definitely helps.  sydo joined our class yayayayayayay! 

remember when i mentioned the talkative dudes in our class?  yeah well today they were talking about farts and stuff (it varies from girls to other puerile topics xD) and they started talking about ‘sharting’.


if you don’t know what that means, i’m pretty sure you can guess.  anyhow, that word kept randomly popping up in my head for the whole of the lesson.  chris, i’m mentally scarred.  don’t talk so loudly ==’

a song i like: