Ethics? Morals?

by car.

Our blog is going pretty lazy right now… i should post up something about musical… but i reeli cbb. there’s only a few interesting things about it anyway xD


2. LMAO at the sound effect on friday night – it was supposed to be a ricochetting bullet sound, but the s&l ppl accidently made it into a car-revving sound xDD so it was like… *clicks fake gun in air* VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!

3. the random hyper yr 7 girl!! omgosh, at the food fair (which was overpriced and sorta a fail) this girl – i found out her name was Holly – came up to me and started gushing ‘OMGOSH HIIIIIIIII!!!!’ i gave her a withering wtheck look, and she was like ‘omgosh, soooo sorry!! i thought u were somebody else.. bye!!’      i thought that was the end of it, but she came back THREE MORE TIMES to say ‘HIIII HEIDI!!!!’     WTHECK?!?! MY NAME IS NOT HEIDI!  (I DO NOT COME FROM YOUR PRIMARY SCHOOL! geez, sandra’s stalking-ness is totally rubbing off on me :S) at least it’s a nice name tho. cept it reminds everyone of germany/switzerland, mountains, pigtails and sheep >.>  carmen  Heidi the Shepherdess. great.


oh yeah, so that thing about ethics and morals. havent we always learnt in pe and history and english etc, that our values/morals/attitudes are influenced by our education, background, culture, status etc??? Of course, wat im talking about refers to our laptops. the charter we signed was so vague. there was no clear line between wat was right and wat was wrong. heck, i didnt even know that using other ppls’ accounts was identity theft. of course, i know that using a teacher’s account to access certain websites was ‘wrong’, but wat about if you were given permission? and we werent supposed to use our own internet accounts on other ppl’s laptops either. how is that ‘wrong’?? it wasnt in our charter. if it was, i dont remember.

i think the best way to move forward now, is to introduce a program that will explain to us the exact boundary between wat we can do on our laptops, and wat we cant. wat’s illegal, and wat’s not. coz half the ppl who did something ‘wrong’ on their laptops, had no idea that it was wrong. like the identity theft thing.

and wat’s ‘wrong’ for one person, might be ‘right’ or ‘ok’ for another.


the emotions of ppl around me affect my own. like when my sister gets pissed, i do too. we both stomp around the house and have a grey cloud surrounding us. when i see my friends happy, i am too (altho i might not necessarily show it, since i might be ‘conserving energy’; ie. stoning xD).

so when ben and geoff were arguing today in science, i got pretty upset. i hate conflict. i dont know why. i cringe when teachers start yelling at us in class. maybe thats why i dont like our commerce sub, coz he cant control us, and he uses random techniques to try to get our attention, like keeping us in for lunches, making us rip out a piece of paper, scrunch it up, then chuck it into the bin… wtheck?!!, and making us sign a stupid contract, which says we werent allowed to talk, misuse laptop, listen to music, watch videos, play games, wander around the classroom, breathe.


i shall hereby stop ranting (:

OH but b4 i do, i have something to say… a small sentence that has a BIG IMPACT!

here goes….



sorry sun, i WAS gonna take a piccy of that cool rubber band and blog it, but it was very very blurry =( oh yeah, so for those who dont know, sun wrote ‘vain’ on a piece of stretched-out rubber band like, 20 times… when it sprung back to it’s normal size, all you can see are vertical lines :DD it’s epicly awesome xD