Heels (:

by car.

why is there a smiley face in my title? ehh.

yeah, so i bought my first pair of heels for musical :) and they werent that bad to dance in, until about after 4 hours onstage =/ then they start killing D: at least i didnt get any blisters (yet… i mean, there’s another 3 nights in a row to go…) i soooo prefer flats :D

oh mann, irene and lank’s duet is HILARIOUS!!! m-rated, but yeah. *highlight for sample spoiler*

*lank kisses irene on impulse*

*breaks away*

irene moans: ‘OMG’ *grabs lank and kisses him*

*music starts*

*more vulgar actions*

hahahahahahaha xD ppls, come watch musical – i rkn it’s better than last yr’s (not hard?).

and lmao at that cardboard car, that somebody always randomly pushes it onto one side of the stage, and then the teacher would start yelling ‘GET THAT THING OUTTA HERE!!!’ and i love bobby’s mum’s costume. omgosh, it is totally awesome. another reason to come watch musical :]

i dont think im describing the musical that well… it was pretty hectic. we started rehearsal an hour later than planned. and the make-up is actually ok this year. no more bright red lipstick and blushing cheeks. at least, not as expressive as last year anyway :D


cast: does anyone know if we’re in mufti for tuesday or normal skool uniform? MUFTI YAY!!