must think of a better way to name my post titles…

by car.



half yrlies over, yay. musical next week, yay.

hahahhahaha my fav times during school days are the awesome bus trips to and from sport xD im iceskating with most of the k-ppls, and also a few other ppls, like cloud, geoff and albert k. if i wasnt in C, i would want to be in k (: they make me laugh so much xD

esp. all the nana&michael jokes, nana’s randomness, bae’s awesomeness, bam’s cool hair, and basically the way they interact with each other x)

ice-skating itself was ok… mwahhahaha i got better >:)


formal committee (: i hope u guys all make our formal the most spectacular one everrrrrrrrrrrr!!

and bubbles, pls take the time to listen to other ppls, and realise that your ideas might not always be right/the best (:


nothing reeli much happened in german today… OH OH OH i just remembered the time our teacher was mocking ‘baby’ by j bieber, and ended up droning in this reeli low voice, going ‘baby baby baby baby baby…’ HAHAHAHA we shoulda taped it x)

pe… u girls did a great job with badminton (:


i love lame jokes :DD like how we were learning about monogastric and ruminant digestive systems in ag. teacher went “mono, which means one in greek, obviously refers to the fact that the animal has one stomach” and then to my right, bezzle goes… “ruminant obviously means the animal has room (for more than one stomach)”  AHAHAHA

there was also this other lame thing she sed during ag, but i cant remember now :S

bezzle: i think it was “the pan creased and the bile ducked” xDDDD