company of three, black peppermint tea

ups and downs

by car.

i forget so much that happens during the day… esp all the funny stuff ==

i actually got some pe theory work done, and we tried organising our class teaching session thing, but that sorta failed ==”

but syd and i had plenty of fun planning bezzle’s wedding xD or rather, discussing it… victor sed something about bezzle in pants, so we decided maybe they could have an opposite-gender-clothing theme =DD victor in a dress, and bezzle in a tux mwahahahahhaha

of course, all this is hypothetical, so not to worry, bezzle xD im not gonna make such a crap wedding for u == plus, i dont wanna be in a tux for ur wedding -.-

we had a vocab quiz in german today. when the bell rang, we all walked to T2.1, and we were waiting outside, when rkim tells us that our teacher wasnt gonna be coming…

me and vase: “why?!”

rkim: “i walked past their staffroom and mr w_____ was on the phone saying that she killed her ankle…”

us *mixed emotions*: “WOOT NO TEST!!” and “aiyooo, she’s ok, yeah?”

then shaz and rach comes, and we tell them… everybody (when i say everybody, i mean 6 ppl)┬ájumping up and down and going “NO TEST YAY!!” while wondering if she was actually ok…

then after our little bout of celebration, rkim goes

“you know im joking, right??”

us *mouth drops*: “ARE U KIDDING?!”


turns out she was just late == but hey, it was only a vocab quiz…


at musical, one of the teachers held up a scarf that was left there on saturday, and sed

“wat a shame that’s not reeli my style… well, not reeli, but i do have a pair of fishnets at home…” (i think thats wat he sed)


then after musical, syd and i were feeling sorta high, and we started waving at bezzle’s phys class. some ppl waved back :] then syd decided to do the YMCA dance… we got the Y and the M, but we did the C backwards, and i collapsed laughing during the A. ahhh, wat utter failure. they had no idea wat we were ‘signalling’, but at least we turned plenty of heads :D


debate: do you think capital punishment (ie. death penalty) should exist??

(we did this in com… gahh)


by cloudier

click: geography notes (.docx) [files removed due to age]


  • skills (except construct land-use map)
  • issues
    • spatial inequality
    • coastal management

also. i love crystal castles

(experimental dance)

here is suffocation from their second album called crystal castles