Yog-hurt and Wesley.

by car.


LOL bezzle sed something to me in ag, and i wrote ‘shuddup bez’ on a piece of paper.

bezzle: “hey! wat did i say about not calling me bez?!”

me *writes*: ‘shuddup bez-zle

then adds: ‘shuddup bez-zley

i sed ‘bezzley’ out loud, then for some random reason, the name ‘wesley’ came into my head O_O argh. hideous name for bezzle. but it was just so darn funny. i laughed for ages calling her wesley… she didnt seem to find it as funny >.>

how bout wessle??



i have no idea how it started… i think syd and cloud were walking up to science, and they started saying ‘yog-hurt’ instead of just ‘yo-gurt’. by this time, i was sorta already high from… ag (?!?!?) and i think so were syd and cloud. anyhooo, syd decided to say ‘yog-hurt’ to anyone who passes by us, and lemme tell u, we got some very weird looks O_O but ahhh, it was a good laugh x)


in science, rkim and kiran have started doing dares and random stuff since science is so boring anyway. so today, rkim managed to get out to ‘go to the toilet’, and kiran was trying to do the same, cept kowalski wouldnt let him xD after like, 8 min, kowalski decided to let him go since he was interrupting the lesson (not much of a lesson…) and just as kiran was opening the classroom door, RKIM COMES BACK IN. we all laughed so hard xD

nice timing guys (Y)