politicians like hard hats

by bezzle

gosh it feels like a while since i’ve last blogged, better get back into the habit. 


two random musical musings:

– does anyone else think that panic! at the disco sounds a lot like fall out boy?  i listened to i write sins not tragedies and thought the lead singer sounds like the singer from fall out boy:

fall out boy actually sings the chorus of i write sins not tragedies when performing the live version of one of their songs, i can’t remember which one : /

– artists like sean paul, ludacris, akon and t-pain all seem to feature in a lot of songs

one thing i really hate about myself:

[and no this isn’t one of those things about how i could be a nicer person, look better, etc.  okay?]

i hate the fact that i’m such a cynic.  it’s probably the media who change me this way, as i read newspapers, who all (in different degrees) seem to hellbent on making people such as world leaders look bad.  i can’t think of a reason why a politician would do a good thing such as quietly boost the percentage of internation aid donated from 0.2c for every dollar in Australia to 0.35.  and that’s a lot of money.  i think all politicians are all bluster and no action.  example?  emissions trading scheme, hospital reforms.  i think dictators are all mean and hellbent on killing and torturing all of their citizens and not caring at all for anyone.  i think that in war, it doesn’t make sense to have rules.  when i think about it the second time, yes, but if you are out to kill people, which is the worst sin you can do, how is ‘playing by the rules’ going to change anything?  but if it wasn’t for these war rules – geneva conventions, i think? – a lot of us would be in trouble.  i think that all commercial companies are environmentally destructive, even the ‘green/earth’ ones.  i thought you all liked chopping down trees – using cheap, industrial chemicals, processed ingredients, child labour, etc.  i think that everyone does things for their own benefit, usually money or power.  what sort of world am i living in? 

i leave you with this song, which i think has half -related lyrics to the above, and is a really nice break from all that mainstream rubbish (but not all of it’s bad!) i listen to about one-night stands, heartbreak, dancing and getting drunk at parties:

BAHAHAHA okay couldn’t finish on a serious note, could i?  okay, off rkim, annie, crystal and kiran’s blog:

Kiran gave me a mission to do 20 starjumps at the back of the classroom, then do the baboon dance in front of kowalski. Mr K was so stoned that he didnt notice me doing the starjumps, and when I was doing the dance he just told me to leave him alone LOL

OMFG AND HE DID IT. SOOO FUNNY he went up to kowalksi to ask him a question, and when he was peering down at the desk to see the question, he just rubbed it. BAHAHAHAHA and then kowalski was like KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF YOUNG MAN ROFLROFL

Yes kiran, you are an insane bastard. I commend you for that you legendary freak.