x country :L

by car.

that looks cooler than ‘cross country’.

omgosh, srsly bored. like, i have no work to do right now, since i cbb studying. so im… surfing the net x)

i dont even know why im blogging about running >.>

but anyway…

so… we ran?! lmao. first year doing 4km. frankly, i prefer it than 3km, since we dont have to run 2 laps of the oval. which means that as soon as we get out the farm gates, we could stop running. heheheh – that’s EXACTLY wat we did. im not kidding. the pro runners probably ran up ahead already, but since i was down the back near shelley and tina, all i could see as soon as i turned out the farm gates was a whole block of 15 year olds who were walking. it was soooo funny xD too bad i wasnt carrying a camera =/

last year, i remember running then walking then running again when i could. this year, it was more like, running downhill then walking then LOOK! another downhill!! let’s walk.

talked to heaps of interesting ppls on the way :]

cant remember anything interesting about today… OH YEAH the funniest part of today xD

so b4 we all ran our races, me, syd, ben, geoff, julia, bezzle and victor were all sitting on the oval, playing cards. coz it was sooooo sunny, geoff let us borrow his umbrella, and bezzle was holding it while we were playing big 2. then ray and umm…bae? started singing ‘umbrella’ by rihanna… ‘under my umbrella… ella… ella… ehh ehh’ and dancing around bezzle and victor <3 it was the cutest thing ever!

too bad cloud u werent there, eh? *nudge nudge*

and charmaine *claps* yay!! u successfully whacked ben (on the butt…) many times (with syd’s hat…) and the bottle-chucking episode was pretty awesome xD oh yeah, and u have great aim :D oh wait, was that julia? lmao

fyi, dont eat a callipo after running =/ bezzle seemed to find it ok, but i found it leaving a very tangy taste in my mouth afterwards :S

congrats to everyone :]


yay for masterchef x) cept the first few episodes are boring, since u dont know everyone yet… and there’s too many ppl at the beginning


im finally starting to get maths again. but once i get something, i forget wat i learnt b4… coz the teacher is sooooo slow at explaining… and so very tedious. plus, he mutters to himself. and nobody’s listening.

so why does the x and y coordinates of point P: (x = cos theta, y = sin theta) ?!?!

i remember this making sense b4… but then i worked out wat he was talking about with the whole quadrants and ‘all stations to central’ thing, and i forgot the above. HUH.

btw, sitting at the front row in maths actually helps a bit :]

and alex & puneet behind me were blowing bubbles from this bubble mix somebody brought O_O it was so cool ~ i wonder if the teacher noticed…?


gl for ag guys <3