AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah i’m still not over it XD okay a random thing that ticks me off

by bezzle

i am going to do a short post on one thing that annoys me insanely.  it might annoy a normal person a bit, but for me it JUST DRIVES ME NUTS when people (almost always my sister) starts eating loudly near me.  inside i go BALLISTICMUS.  it is worse when they do it almost nonchalantly.   occurs worst with:

– cornflakes

– apples

– cartilage (gosh i hate it when my sister does this !  ARGH STOP CRUNCHING ON BONES FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE !)

– chewing gum (yes i reserved that for you GUM-CHEWER !)

i realise i’m being a hypocrite, i like eating cartilage and apples (not together though) but yeah.  the way my sister does it almost rudely loudly at me just really irks me.

slurping doesn’t really don’t annoy me though…

tell me i’m not alone xD