by car.


i know not all of you believe there’s a God in our lives, but hey, it was so awesome, it renewed my faith in Him :]


so first, before i keep on going, lemme just recount some awesome things that happened… we lived in tents that unfortunately did NOT have sound-proof walls. some of the girls in my tent began playing ‘shoot, shag or marry’ – in whispers, i might add – at 12am, and next morning, one of the leaders told us that he heard lots of the guy’s names, and the word ‘shag’ a lot xD then at 1am, some of them decided to go and play with some sparklers that we brought… that led to spraying deo on them and ‘POOF’. sandra, isabella, big vivian and i just trudged back to our camp after that… we also met a few new ppls, and sang awesome songs. ohohoh, i saw two of my primary friends, and i did NOT recognise one of them… vivian thought she was a guy :S and all throughout the weekend, ppls kept putting pegs on other ppls – there was like, 2000 ppls there? – and try to put them on their bag or shirt or watever without the subject noticing. that brought quite a lot of laughs at unfortunate times hahahaha

and we girls are all in a fan club for this guy in our youth group. not coz of his looks – not that he’s ugly – but coz he is so… faithful. he doesn’t mind when one of the other guys goes on and on about some random movie, he doesn’t say anything bad about anyone. he is just nice full stop. plus, he’s pretty approachable, and so some of us are now looking up to him as a role model ~

gosh, i could probably rant heaps about this… the talks were reeli awesome and challenged us all to think more about wat we’re doing with our lives and wat we should be doing instead. here goes…

i have so many questions about God that i dont know the answers to, but kyck answered some of them for me. like vicky asked me this morning, ‘how do you know that God even exists?’ and ‘why is the world in such a bad shape if there IS a God?!’

I probably cant give most of you a satisfying enough answer, since im not 100% sure myself… i could ask my leader if u want :] but one thing i learnt at kyck is that creation doesn’t teach us about what God is, but it shows us that we dont know everything. no matter how hard we try to find the answer to questions, we’ll never know everything. but God does. He has been here since the creation of time – He created time – and there will be a day when sin will be wiped away by God. We will be judged by Him, Christians and non-Christians alike.

so you ask, ‘why is there so much bad stuff happening in this world? if there is a God, why doesn’t He fix everything?’

God CAN fix everything, and He will, and has! The sad truth is that, from the very beginning, men and women everywhere have rejected God by doing things their own way. We all do this. We don’t like somebody telling us what to do or how to live – least of all from a ‘God’ you can’t even see and you dont even know is definitely real. so we rebel against Him in different ways. we ignore Him and get on with our own lives, or we disobey his instructions for living in his world, or we shake our puny fists in his face and tell him to get lost. we prefer to follow our own desires, to run things our own way. And guys, this is sin. Sin isnt just murdering ppls, swearing, gossiping (oops…), lying, cheating…etc. Sin is living in rebellion against God and running our lives as if we ARE God. *no victor, you arent God no matter how sexy you think you look*

So carmen, why doesn’t somebody do something to end poverty and injustice?!

well, where’s the line between good and bad people? even people who are nice, generous and give you free food everytime you ask for it, are sinners. because we reject God and want to live our life our own way. we’re on the ‘gain escalator’ – we do everything in our lives for our own gain. but you know wat? it will never satisfy us. what is the point of gaining so much on Earth when you cant keep anything when you die? and yes, everyone will die someday.

We will all face Him one day, and the only thing that will save us is Jesus. Yes i know, i’ve heard it so many times b4 too… ‘Jesus died for our sins, He died on the cross, He rose again, He is our King, we should be worshipping Him…’  and because I grew up knowing Jesus and his stories, it never hit me as hard as it did on Saturday. God became human and came to Earth to DIE FOR US. Imagine that… if you were alive two thousand years ago, you could’ve seen Jesus. He suffered to bring an end to suffering, became poor to end poverty, and was treated unfairly to end injustice.

why is God waiting? why doesn’t He come now? So that we can have the opportunity to become Christian, to rely on Him and trust Him. He is angry with us for disobeying Him, but He loves us so much. Heck, He became human to save us.

yeah, most of you will probably think im rambling, im suffering from some sort of dementia and srsly doubt what i’ve sed above. i probably will offend some people too. but life is ‘hebel’. Life is fleeting and elusive. our teenage years are crucial to the decisions we make that can change our lives. many Christians i know became one during their youth. so now, i am spreading the Word, so that you will all eventually realise that you yourself are not in charge of your lives. like it says in the bible, ‘take the narrow gate’ – you can jump, hop, run, slide or just simply walk thru the ‘wide gate’, ie, it is the easy way in life. but take the narrow gate, and stop procrastinating!!! trust God with tomorrow.

Live a life receiving gifts from God and enjoying them. these gifts can be anything – your friends and family, your house, your iPod, the food in ur stomach, and even the chair you’re sitting on. You guys reading this are so lucky. There are still so many people in this world who have never even heard of Jesus. If we wait and wait and wait for the ‘right time’ to believe, it might be too late. Thank Him for everything that you have taken for granted, and thank Him for those u havent. Joy comes from living the gifts that God gives us.

there was this other question i had… if we dont gain anything from this world, then why are we studying so hard for that test, or why are we organising trips to third world countries to try to end poverty and disease? one of my leaders also came from ruse (actually, heaps of them do) and she sed that we shouldn’t be doing things for our own gain. and God gave us the opportunity, the gift to study at such a talented school, so we should take that gift and thank Him for it. Do everything for the glory of God.

and guys, take that step to trusting in Him, because He is soooo worth it. Christianity isnt a religion – it’s a way of life.


that’s the girls making the ‘kyck’ sign and two of the leaders making the cool ‘180’ with their arms x)


btw, everybody come to RICE!! and dw, u’ll fit in, since it’s an asian event xDD