by cloudier


imagine…if DJs used shoes to make music.


  1. I like and respect you, but I find it difficult to converse and connect with you. I’m really sorry about that and…even now I’m not sure what to say. oh, your blog is a joy to read. (:
  2. once I walked in late in maths class, totally stoned. I heard someone say good morning to me, and turned around but couldn’t figure out who it was. It was stupid of me to not say good morning back, even if I couldn’t look at you while saying it and the fact that I haven’t talked to you about it so am instead posting it up in a blog ages after makes me look like a coward. because I am. sorry. (x
  3. no, thank YOU for being such an awesome person. (: there’s too much to remember to be able to pick the best of the crop, but some recent ones; people appreciate being thanked, thank you for thanking, thank you for all the gossip even though it’s not the nicest thing to do in the world, thank you for SHIPPING/ADORING/TEASING KERRIE AND VICTOR WITH ME xD, thank you for being someone I can basically stalk when I have nothing better to do, and well, thanks. (:
  4. one day, I decided to regurgitate every compliment you gave to me, but i did this because it was true. I DO think you’re funny, I DO love your taste in music, even if I don’t express this as much as I should. also, just so I can say something original, I also think your taste in clothing is awesome.
  5. First you manage to convince me without directly convincing me to watch yamanade, now life. x) I appreciate your screencaps+commentary posts very much, thank you! I can’t promise you a girl to flail at dramas with, but I can definitely say that sunako and kyouhei are VERY CUTE.
  6. I think that you should realise that just because someone is nice to you, doesn’t mean that they want you to cling to them and unsubtly and tactlessly exclude friends of theirs whom you dislike. It doesn’t work very well.