by car.

so boring here that i wanna get back to skool just to be able to talk to somebody my own age face to face.

oh, yeah, so wat i was gonna say. i got into bed at 11:30pm last night – i like my sleep :P – and lay there thinking about random stuff till 12am. then some random nutcase started PLAYING BBALL UP AT THE BBALL COURTS WHICH IS ABOUT 100M AWAY FROM MY HOUSE. *thud*thud*thud*clang*thud*thud*clang*thud* DUDE. and sometimes, there’s still somebody there till um 3am? or they get there about 5am and play till who knows when.

so i didnt get to sleep till about 1am.


i dont feel like blogging about something nice right now…

yay, kyck this weekend!!! mwahahha.

oh yeah, for those who dont know wat it is, kyckstart is a camp where youth from many different churches get together and… partay x) lololol, actually im not too sure, but it involves talks and games etc. and this year, we’re camping ~~


p.s. does anybody know how to do those 3 questions for history scaffold? the one where u have to make up 3 questions?

p.p.s. OMGOSH SEE THIS COOL SOFA BED!!! ITS LIKE, WOWEEEEE. credits to vivian from church for finding it x)