From Belgium ~

by Squido~

“Hi everybody !!
We are now in belgium. 
The trees, grass is all soo green. Ask me to show you guys photos. I have taken about 4000 photos? And vids so far. Yaiy 
Sorry i felt board. 
Belgium is retarded. Staying at flanders hotel or sometging. Three? Official lingos – french, flemmish/phlegmish? And dutch. Because its so retarded, every1 just speaks eng. Hotel designed for school grps. Participating in a ww1 ceremony 2mo? Have games room with pool, foosball, pingpong
Free wifi. Köln didnt have free wifi but i  cologne. I forgot why tho. Now i  belgium tho. So beautiful. 
Victor was being a hole during meeting after dinner. He and charmaine both sat on me and i suffocated then they stole my thongs and i only got one back. Then had to use toilet wearing one thong. Very cold. 
About 10 deg celcius now, 2mo will b 15 
Loving the weather and atmosphere. Everybody smoked in germ. Belgian chocs and waffles and italian icecream gg  yes fun emoji keyboard lol
Expensive. Out of luggage space. Should have gone to paris first. Threw little miss sunshine bag out – ketchup exploded in it. GG. 
Gonna buy new bag. RIP in belgian hotel bin, beloved old easter show bag. 
Smurf flavoured ice cream. 
Ferrero rocher flavoured ice cream. 
Alcoholic chocolate drink. 
Cuberdons are purple and edible and conical and hard. 
bought pair philips stereo headphones. Not bad. €10 no discount. 
Free balloons, lanyard, pen, keyring :p
Movie: the two-eared chicken and no-eared bunny? Carmen?
They listen to english music like stevie wonder is on the radio. Wow. 
Massive wild daffodils. 
1030 pm curfews. 
Still needa get back right thong…
Went to beethovenhaus. Coooool!!!!
Rheine river cruise. Cooollldddd!!!!
Bridge opened 1959
Victor has finger foos (finally)
Write when i think of more. 
This is now my public diary/non public blog. Ignore random stuffs, mostly written for my own future reference. 
Baibai “
almonds2 is posting this for squido x) and i guess it’s public now!