sleek and shiny

by bezzle

came home today to a stack of clothing from an aunt overseas = over doubled my wardrobe of pink shirts

heehee what i’m doing as i’m typing >:D

oh no my orange just cracked.


– i have solved the mystery of the hair conditioner.  you know how you always end up with more shampoo left than conditioner, because the conditioner is what makes your hair feel good but shampoo just basically foams no matter how much you use.  so every time my shampoo’s left, and this time i was mad.  and it turns out that it was my dad using it, after he soaped his hair.

my six year old cousin once removed is taller than my nine year old sister.  he reaches my mum’s nose. O.O

– just came back from yum cha.  found a three cm long maggot in my eggplant tofu.