Clarifying stuff.

by car.

stuff meaning one thing.

this post is directed at bezzle (and victor, to some extent)

i talk to richard more now coz

1. i cant talk to u since ur too busy with victor

2. he cant talk to victor since vicky’s too busy with u

3. we both have a common subject to talk about – you and victor

Conclusion = i talk to richard more than before.

oh, and

4. he’s hilarious at times


might i also mention, i think i’ll have to find lots more friends now. i dont know anybody else whose personality is like urs, bezzle, so… yeah. so bored dude. OH and another reason

5. i cant talk to cloud coz she’s too busy with sun :)

im not blaming u guys for my boredom, just listing the reasons why i talk to richard more now, since bezzle seems to think otherwise.

and you guys are all so adorably cute <3


posted by: third wheel.

p.s. i might add to this post later