Love is in the air ~

by car.

lots of little things have been happening, but i just cant find/remember anything blog-worthy.


bezzle and victor <3


lock down today. hence, nobody did their german speeches. PHEW. we all thought the teachers were faking it, since they all seemed to be stationed at certain places, but it turned out that it wasnt. apparently, some guy called a phone line at our skool and threatened something at the service entrance. so….lock down! but since we didnt know which entrance it was, we all had to go to the hall. dayum, wished we could see the police and sniffer dogs. so after we came back from the hall, our german class spent the rest of the lesson talking about… tonsils and suicide methods. uh huh. depressing much xD but it was hilarious. vase mentioned that if we touched our tonsils, we would instinctively puke. so shaz, who hasn’t heard of this b4, spent the rest of the lesson sticking her fingers down her throat ==” hehhehe

and vase and rach were discussing dying on DOE hike. apparently, they passed a reeli pretty, disney-type bridge in the hike, but they were all too dead to admire it. vase thought it would be nice to commit suicide (if u were gonna) somewhere like that. rach thought that would be stupid, since if ur commiting suicide, u would want ppls to notice, and who would notice u dying in the middle of the bushes?!?! how did this convo start, u ask? the teacher mentioned the two female suicide bombers in… moscow? yeah. vase thought they didnt reeli make that big of a statement, since nobody knows their names…

all this time, i was laughing my head off while thinking “wat am i doing with these depressing ppls”. i think yadhavan was thinking the same


p.s. bezzle, will u kill me if i posted that photo of u and vicky in yr 7?

yeah, ok, u will.

ah well.

p.p.s. regarding cloud’s post below, with number 17 the jewellery bit… *BIG HINT TO VICTOR* bezzle likes gold rings with rubies!!!