snore, drool, splutter

by bezzle

today two ag classes worth of people were very tired from staying up doing chick trial, me included.  and does anyone seem to suffer from post-bedtime-itis?  when you stay past your bedtime and when you go to bed for some reason you can’t sleep, like you’ve just taken caffeine?  it’s one of the worse feelings.

PE ballroom dancing is finally over!  get to sleep in a bit more :)

i was brushing my teeth last night and noticed two small pieces of red plastic on the bathroom table.  this morning i was brushing my teeth again and realised that they were the arms of a lego man/woman.  my brother, i suppose.

i’ll be adding to this, just let me gather my thoughts after a long snooze.

i was sitting at the bus stop when one of the cumbo buses stopped and this dude started waving frantically in my direction.  (i didn’t know him.)  i smile politely at him, but he keeps waving, so finally i start waving at him as well.  he smiles and waves even harder, and his friends join in too.  the bus drives off with them still waving at me.

i think one of my friends has a hair fetish.  she likes touching people’s hair, and observed on the bus that i have a red hair next to a gold hair next to a white hair.  o.O