Rage quit

by car.

ow ow ow

i hate tummyaches… how do u spell stomach aches? stomachache or stomache? GAH


gosh, why are all the moves in the musical so hard this year?! you choreo ppl are too pro for us!! actually, the complicated moves dont look as good when it’s performed by a whole group, esp since we cant all seem to get it, which makes it look un-uniformed. hence, pro moves = suck. simple moves are good for musicals!!! and we KNOW the current moves will look good in the end, coz we would’ve practiced it so much by then. but at this rate, we’re NOT gonna finish all the songs. and its very tedious. and if its not in sync, nothing will look good. we’d rather simple moves in sync than complicated pro moves with half the ppl a beat behind.

we know we’re here because we want to. stop using it against us. without us, ur musical is dead. unless u have a yr 11 only musical, which will break the tradition, and prob be not as good. and since we’re ‘here because we want to”, it’s our musical too, as u kindly pointed out to us. so dont we get a say in it?!!? EASIER MOVES PLS. otherwise, our whole grade will srsly threaten to quit. (but prob wont…shhh)

but choreo ppls, you guys are amazing =) even though ur not great teachers, you’ve got a lotta patience and if we were pro-er, ur moves would look reeli good right now. but pls listen to us when we say “it’s too bloody hard”. and i reeli want to see the teachers try the dance.


p.s. popping balloons dont work.

p.p.s. try the microphone.