by bezzle

a post long overdue from me (:

uh, where to start?  nothing really blog-worthy.  but don’t worry, i have NO intention of ditching this.

the week since i’ve blogged, it’s been hectic. but that’s no excuse, right? 

today i got sunburnt even though i put on sunscreen and wore a hat. 

  – wait, i’m not actually burnt!  that’s good

today i realised how nice people are, if you’re brave enough to talk to them.

today i had a random set of coincidences.  speak of the devil!

i was just outside in the backyard folding the clothes when i noticed this blue fly.  gorgeous iridiscent blue, like midnight blue, just a little lighter than navy blue, and shiny green stripes.  it looked like a fly, but much prettier.  i sat down to observe it and another one came along and they started doing this mating dance, i think?  so they flew around each other, like they were the same poles on a magnet, and one would keep on flying away a bit, and the other one always chased back after it.  but then the other one didn’t come back.  ): so i went back to folding the clothes again.  and then the other one came back again, and they did the mating dance again, but closer.  and then the other one flew away again, and hasn’t came back since me typing this up.


managed to scab a ride to school from dad.  tried to catch up on maths homework, but gave up to study for maths test, oh dear.  forgot that i left my laptop charging in our usual roll call room after victor forgot his somewhere else.  leanne and sharon are scary good at drama, and the ironic thing is that they both don’t do it.  i know you hear it a lot guys, but it’s true!

i’ll just skip over the maths test…

agriculture was dodgy.  but we aren’t supposed to use that word, right?  shoddy, then.  i found a pair of ikea scissors in the grass.  our teacher took us down to the furtherest part of orchard, and it was so suss.  i agree with sydo when he started clearing away the leaf matter, that it looked like we were gravediggers.

lunch was funny.

you guys are such bludgers in science, seriously.