Battle Royale :D

by car.

bio olympiad in the morning was pretty good. i actually got wat kevin phan was saying… that’s until syd came towards the end of the lesson and sat next to me =/ sorry syd, but yeah. i actually want to learn something in bio, since i dont like science much and im not good at it. and bio’s turning out to be ok =) plus, i see why victor got a HD in it last yr ==”


pe. i opened my laptop so shaz can open our powerpoint onto it. then kiran fiddles with it, and next thing i know, there’s like… 24 or so post-it notes on my screen, all saying “KIRAN IS AWESOME”. he fully covered the background. then he later changed the colours of the notes and wrote “KIRAN IS HOT. HE IS A STUD” on ALL the darn notes. great. and half the class was shown it xD

and shaz realised that bezzle and victor were…. together-ish. SLOW xDD


in eng, we had the acting/reciting to do. yay, thx bezzle for being away. not so good that ur sick tho =/ GET BETTER VERY SOON. the lesson was pretty awesome. cant say much more without exposing stuff… but the chat was good xD


BATTLE ROYALE!!! i was pretty skeptical at first. i mean, poking each other’s necks with forks, even plastic ones, ARE NOT SAFE. but ehh… got caught up in the excitement =) so i got a name from lena… KENNY. TALLEST GUY IN THE GRADE!!!~! dudee… i wasnt reeli into the whole game, so i was thinking… if he’s there, then ill kill him, if not, then mehh. then i was talking to cloud, who sed that apparently, he was next door to my class in the lesson b4 lunch =D so when the bell went, everybody went NUTS. pulled their collars up, and hid their forks in their hair (vaish), sleeves (sun), pockets, and just anywhere, basically. everybody looked sooooo shifty xD i stood outside a2.2 with rach and vase etc, who were there waiting for friends… kenny came out and stood right there, oblivious to me and my fork xD i was thinking “should i? or can i not be bothered?” then i went, watevs, and poked him with my fork. he turned around and went “you’re not srs are you!??!!” mwahahhahahah I KILLED KENNY XDD he was gonna kill michael na, so that’s my next target. but before i could even find him, i got stabbed by puneet at poultry meeting. i knew she was being shifty at recess!!! we were supposed to tell each other who had each other!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr but it was fun xD there’s another game next monday or something… heheheh


teacher was pms-ing in poultry. anybody who was even a little late couldn’t come in and anybody who was at skool who didnt go to the meeting where replaced. shaz and alice sun couldn’t even leave early for dodgeball finals!!! she fully screamed at them.

but congrats for winning the dodgeball finals anyway =D