by cloudier

This is a public service announcement.

Read the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson.

In other news, paranoia-meme.
Each one is a different person. Yes I want to say whatever I wrote to each person but I’m too lazy/scared to bother.
And, before you ask, no.
(Now I will cross my fingers and hope the right people get the right message.)
  1. Sorry for being such a bitch to you.
  2. Sorry, but please go away.
  3. Thank you. Just for nothing in particular. (:
  4. I don’t cherish you enough. I know it, and I’m sorry about that even though it probably doesn’t mean that much to you.
  5. You know, I didn’t end up finishing City of Bones. Sorry about that – I didn’t say so because I felt like I was betraying you. Somewhat. Thanks for putting up with me too. (x