Wish I Understood Korean.

by car.

Work ex is…ok. it’s what i expected it to be. just lots of paperwork and sitting around.

i work at a tutoring college =)

you wont believe the stacks of paper there…maybe u will, but it’s pretty chaotic. i always thought tutoring places were pretty organised and neat, since they have so many classes and students, and had different booklets for each lesson… but inside the office, it’s pretty disorganised. and they get like, a GAZILLION calls. when i first got there on tuesday, the manager was on the phone for a whole 5 mins, and i was just standing there…waiting…and waiting… and she was yabbering away in korean… hence the title… and i think she hates the woman after whom this tutoring place is named after…

anyway. it’s pretty quiet during skool hours, but there’s still quite a lot of stuff to do. for example, i sat there on tuesday for TWO SOLID HOURS marking more than 20 booklets, each had 8 double-sided pages… i felt dizzy after a while, since i was marking a few booklets at the same time, to save time. after that, time just began to pass by… i did nothing half the time, and sometimes, they got me to look for stuff, or organise things. nothing to do, so i texted rach half the time xD

today, i was taught how to make nutella sandwiches. i wouldn’t even call them sandwiches, since they were only a slab of nutella home brand hazelnut spread on a slice of bread, then folded in half. it was pretty unhygienic…

teaching is not wat i imagined it to be, exactly. at least i know now that i will NOT teach yr 2 if i ever become a teacher. yesh, they are cute-as, but they are VERY annoying. preferably, i’d be in a (private) girls’ high skool, teaching… something im good at. which basically means, a teaching career is out of the question for me. by the end of the lesson, i was so distressed that i basically gave them most of the answers.

oooh, teacher called today. and she aint visiting or calling no more xD mwahahha. i was testing whiteboard markers when she called… something i have to do each day, as well as tidying up the classrooms. the place is bigger than it looks.

yay, i get free food =P i got korean icecream cake thing on tues, then a homemade sandwich from the manager today O.o i was reeli full from lunch, but i couldn’t exactly refuse… and it tasted… funny. but she went out to buy something later, and my supervisor/vice-manager was on the phone, so i disposed of it. SORRY! but it was chopped onion, egg, carrot mixed in mayo, between 2 pieces of bread. and she wonders why her son doesn’t like it ==”

a lot of the tutors are uni students. and they’re reeli nice. and asian. im surrounded by asians these days… hehe. nahh, they spoke awesome english, they werent fobby/chinky asians. thank goodness. the classroom atmosphere is pretty informal too. i thought the teachers would be formal, pro… with quiet classes. sort of, anyway. but i forgot wat primary kids are like.

b4 work today, i went and visited shelley and rong at a pharmacy. they were cleaning/wiping stuff on the shelves, and i couldn’t stay to talk for long. ah well… but sony/bendy/snowine was working at eastwood primary skool literally right opposite me, and she came during her lunch ^^ with kevin yu… who was working at some dentistry place… yay, somebody my own age xD


yesh, im posting this on thurs, coz i didnt have time to finish it up yesterday. i hope today’s work and friday will be better =/

and im going from 8:30 – 4 on sat :S