Peek A Boo FAIL

by lavenderbluf

Today was the first day of experience for all of us and me, Leanne, Bonita, Alice Sun, Adrian Chan, Richard Kim, Geoffrey, Kiran, Victoria, Bonnie, Tahsin and Vaishne all went to Westmead Hostpital . Victor Yang, Amelia and Dominic also went, but to the Millenium Institute.

Well at the end of the day we all had to go and sign off and I was one of the last to do so. I was walking down the corridor and right in front of me was a large door with a small gap on the left that I could not see. I saw Richard just loitering there and thought nothing of it. He was actually signaling to Adrian that I was coming and that he should scare me.

Just as I walked to the door Adrian suddenly jumped out and went BOO! But it wasn’t to me. There was an administration lady walking just in front of me and he scared the crap out of her. She shouted “Jesus!” and walked off totally pissed.

I was almost rolling on the floor with tears in my eyes. Adrian can actually get fired for that if she complains about him.

Peek A Boo FAIL