kung hei fat choi!

by bezzle

tonight, i went to the city to see the twilight parade.

when: tonight, scheduled for 7:45-9:45, but started at 8:10 instead, and we left at 9 something

where: i was outside the exihibition centre

the people: a lot of them.

oh, and i saw linly doing the sword routine tonight! 

in particular there was a woman with a big fortune cookie on her head.  like a V.  and the fortune said, you guessed it, kung hei fat choi!

to my right was a family (and they were, uh, caucasian?  there’s no politically correct term.  and i’m very P.C.  apologies in advance) and it was really random when the mum started taking photos of the chinese grandmother in front.  sparse black into white hair, neatly combed, heavy eyelids, pursed mouth.  and i was thinking: huh.  how random.  and then the mum started taking photos of the grandmother with one of her daughters.  all of this without the grandma taking notice.

behind me was a woman and her toddler.  i got headbutted by him.  and that’s all i’m going to say about it.

the funny bit: at the beginning of the parade there was this loquacious couple behind my dad and i and they spoke mandarin.  i was totally not eavesdropping (they spoke quite loudly) and they were talking about the first act, a ringmaster on stilts with big shoes, holding a whip and fake whipping the lion (two people).  anyway, the couple behind us started talking about how disrespectful it was to whipping a majestic chinese animal, it must be a ‘gwei lou’ idea, etc.  i agreed with them, but didn’t voice my assent.  (i thought it was a dragon the whole way through.  even though they’re called lion dances, i somehow got them mixed up.)

so dad, also not-eavesdropping, laughingly suggests they complain to the organisers, which are about five metres away from us.  we don’t hear their voices for a while, and then later on the woman comes back and tells us that they said that it was ‘a Western lion’, so it didn’t matter or something.

the point as to why it was funny is that ‘whip lion’ in chinese is ‘bin see’ or ‘bian shi’ in mandarin.  both of which, if you take the homophones, can mean ‘slashing at a corpse’.  and chinese are big on homophones.  so not very lucky, eh?

ragequit: well, i’m not sure if it was totally rage, but we left at about quarter past nine?  had back pain, got another telling off from mum about not having enough exercise (hence back pain?). 

to be honest (not that i ever ain’t) the parade didn’t seem very well prepared.  and to quote my mum “there weren’t many performances”.  got home quarter past ten.