Vaccinations make us high.

by car.

the title says it all.

but ill say more xD shazzie laughed/cried for 2 pds straight, all through german and commerce, and our comm sub got a bit….annoyed. but it was pretty funny, esp since the rest of the class had no idea what she was laughing at xDD


then i kept laughing randomly at the beginning of science, and poor cloud thought i’d gone nutty. ah well….

then jane m told me that she stacked it while playing handball, while waiting for vaccination….i laughed so bad, i feel mean xD


YAY I GOT A STICKER!!! ahahahahhahah


and dont you just hate it when somebody tells you something, or says a random line, or meant to hint at something, and you had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA what they’re talking about??!


and btw, for that person out there who wants to know, almonds are as cool as macadamias, peanuts, brazilian nuts, cashews, pistachios…etc. and walnuts.

you know who you are.


i feel random S: