Water Bombs.

by car.

yay water bombs are fun!! i was at my friend’s house for CNY, and there were also other family friends there…more like my mum’s friends’ families? but yeah. my sis, this other girl in yr 11 and i were the only girls there…there were 6 guys?

anyway, we were bored after dinner, so we decided to take a walk in the rain…with umbrellas. less fun =/ but then my friend found some water balloons, and started filling them up and chucking them in her driveway xD it was a very high moment x)

one of the other guys there, we sorta knew since primary, but haven’t talked to him since. I DID NOT RECOGNISE HIS VOICE. D: it was so…weird!! cant describe it…i have a bruise from banging my head on the ground every time i heard his voice…

and you know the ‘awkward turtle’ hand sign for awkward silences?? my friend taught me the ‘awkward cupcake’ and the ‘awkward finger’.


YAY!!! i finally have time to catch up with my hw!! most assigns, tests etc are now outta the way, or not due till ages away…so i can start on my maths, science, english, and watnot xD


ballroom for pe. salsa is pretty easy. at least for now. waltz will be harder =/ my hands were reeeeeeeli cold at the beginning of pe…at the end, they were relatively warm. and yucky.


oh hey! i was just talking to squidio, and she was telling me about this yr 8 kid, who went swimming one day…

and then this little kid in front of him did a crap

and then he watched it float out of his uh swimmers

and then he kept swimming

until everyone had gotten out

and then he got out.