Nothing to say.

by car.

I feel like im ditching this blog, even though im TOTALLY NOT. i just haven’t found anything worthy enough to blog…

and i was on msn yesterday, and i found out lotsa things which were VERY INTERESTING.

i sometimes wonder why ppl confide in me those sorta things… and then i get all their opinions & feelings & watnots mixed up… until i might accidentally say something to the wrong person, or just feel like im gonna explode with all the secrets inside me.


so i tell my sister, who just nods and accepts that i need to ramble.


i’m very confused.

but im also very happy, at least, for two ppl i know.

even though it wasnt anything major…but they reeli ARE perfect for each other, even if they themselves dont see it, and neither does anybody else.


 and wow, confession is a beautiful thing.