twirl that moustache!

by bezzle

i got up this morning at an ungodly hour (7:25) and proceeded to waste the extra half hour of time i had gotten up early for.  finished packing out the door.

got on the second last bus to parramatta pool, and the bus driver had to take a loop.  realised that once again i had forgotten the entry charge, and had to borrow a dollar off sharon.  thanks shaz, you’re a life saver!  managed to find carmen along the very crowded stands.

the weather: ominously cloudy, with sporadic (i like the look of that word.  it reminds me of mushrooms.  ah, it’s because it looks like ‘spore’!) showers, i.e. very shifty.  every time it started raining, i would get my umbrella.  by the time i leapt over bags, towels, shoes, people and other various objects to get it, the rain stopped. 

the people: most of our class.  sun, feat.  ‘wifebeater’ bryan and their amusing hairstyles.  gosh it’s funny how long guys can play with their hair for.

michael, who’s ‘boo’ sounds scarily similar to andrew’s.

one bossy lifeguard.  she told off sydo ‘five times’ apparently for standing on the filtery thing on the edge of the pool.  speaking of lifeguards, they were all wearing neon pink shirts to support the mcgrath foundation.

the visiting korean students, who splashed around in the baby pool.

everyone else from school.

the pool: three pools (four, but only three were significant).  pool one – the deep diving pool.  people got busted for going in it, sitting on the edge of it, etc.  pool two – the 50m racing pool.  had a few oak leaves at the bottom.  pool three – the kiddie pool which people had water fights and stuff.  they got told repeatedly to get out, but would eventually trickle back again.

ben was in one of the first races of the day (200m medley, i think?).  he dived into the water and came out on a wheelchair.  being concerned friends, cloud, sydo, carmen and i went over to the first aid room and ben mumbled something about concussion.  when he got out, he said something about his face being kicked by a girl.  we were confused.  1) how did he get kicked in the face if everyone stayed in their own lanes, and 2) it was a guys race.  what was a girl doing there??  it turned out he got concussion yesterday, at swimming training.

thanks go to: sharon, for saving my life.  house captains, for the lollies (those snakes tasted exactly like uncle toby’s rollups.  and the mentos was weird.  the two individually wrapped lollies had wrappers in a chain, so i got two, and one packet had half and the other packet had one and a half.  did you get that?  but i’m not complaining.).  helen, the female house captain again, for giving me a new cap when i took mine out of my bag to realise it had split and disintegrated.  matthew, and the person who drew the moustache on him.

it was a great day.

p.s.  it’s really scary how many people have iPod touches/iPhones.


always have a ruler in your pencilcase.