by car.

There’s barely anything good on tv. yes, go ahead and disagree with me.

but this post is about the stuff i like on it (Y)



it’s hilarious xD the american version is better, i think, coz the hosts, John Anderson and John Henson, commentate reeli funny. 24 ppl (usually with weird characteristics, or if they dont, the hosts give them one) race through a course, full of gym mattresses floating on water, big bouncy balls, the sweeper, ‘dizzy dummy’ and mud. And ppl on a silly course like this do stupid things, mostly without themselves realising it. People bouncing off the giant balls is funny – this guy did the splits xDD

         In HK, i watched this Chinese version of it, which had them spinning on circles and jumping on huge rollers….it was GOOD.



I love the Wolfblass ad. The one with the blonde lady in it. It’s so pretty <3

i love the bits at 0:21 &0:39.


her hair and hat accessory is soooooo pretty… and at 0:33 & 0:38 she’s against a sunset, holding an arm out for that eagle. omgolly, it’s so graceful!!

          and i love the music too <3



their ad and show are THE BEST!!!!

isnt it?

                   yes, it is ^^