i’m in miami beach

by bezzle

so, obviously, i’m back.  here’s my summary of gold coast/surfers paradise:


– one in two people look sunburnt, so if you get burnt don’t worry, you won’t stand out

– it’s the land of flip flops and revealing/semi-transparent clothing

– always have a spare roll of toilet paper with you, in case you manage to book a dodgy hotel like us that doesn’t come with toilet paper

– apply sunscreen EVERYWHERE every two hours

– don’t trust your GPS navigator

– the free tea at the driver reviver comes with free Arnott’s biscuits.  yum.

– there’s a toilet block in Kempsey that has a creepy sign advising that it is in a high crime area

– in water amusement parks such as wet n’ wild world the style for females is a bikini set and for males boardshorts that may/may not reveal a band of underwear with a brandname on it

– more people than you think have tattoos, and that may be due to the fact that:

 a) less clothing is worn at water parks

 b) there are airbrush tattoo stalls there too

– queensland time is one hour behind new south wales time right now (it took us a day to figure out that.  if our friend didn’t tell us, we probably would have gone the whole time unaware)

– please wear a shirt in public (beaches excepted) unless confident no one is going to wish otherwise

– don’t get a room on the third level as that’s where the treetops are and where mosquitoes breed

– the highest source of water loss on long distance car trips is through your bottom into the seat

BTFL #36:

if you have a fan forced oven, preheat it to a temperature 10-20oC less than the recommended conventional one.