by car.

who walks around a shopping centre for 6 hours straight and doesn’t buy a single thing?! (besides lunch, that is.)

who?! im who.

instead of window shopping for dresses this time – altho we still kept an eye out, and we made chewbey try on a few ;] – we did heels this times. omgolly. how do those yr 10 yr 11 girls do it? they wear heels on mufti days and dudee, doesn’t it get REELI cramped by the end of the day??? there’s gonna be sore feet all around at formal ==’

and btw, if ur planning to try out shoes in a public place and then taking photos of those shoes, be prepared for weird looks and looks of annoyance. we stomped around in workman boots, wore fluffy slippers (even tho it was summer, they had a sale on for them), and of course, the heels. ma poor feet =P

we saw somebody from our grade and literally ran away ~

Im currently in a CD fad. im going through our boxes of cds and trying to find ones that are: 1. in english and 2. not educational/childish. me wanted to find this CD my parents bought in HK nearly 10 years ago. i know the first half of the songs on it, coz we always used to listen to it in the car, and dayum, i found the lyrics that go with it, but couldn’t find it….

i looked some more, and found a worship/hymn/christian CD, and some of the song names looked interesting. so, armed with that CD, 3 christmas carol CDs and my portable CD player (cool, eh? xDD), i went to sit on the sofa. and guess wat when i opened the worship CD case thingy?? i found the CD that went with it, as well as the CD-my-parents-bought-10-years-ago-that-i-was-looking-for!! :] i felt very lucky after that ~

4 days till NZ; 2 days till packing x)