by car.

I spent 3 consecutive days at macquarie ==’

1st time i went, was with my family to get country road bag xD LONG STORY… well, not reeli…family friend of ours got one, and sed it was on after chrissy sales discount, and it’s pretty useful for like…camping? xDD so my mum was like, wow, it’s pretty useful… so we got one for ma bday (or so she says; our family’s not big/strict on prezzies – if we see something good, ok) and my sis got one for…iono, just coz. my mum sed to share mine, but i was like O_O and my sis reeli wanted one (not that she’d show it…) coz everybody in her school carries one ==’ yeah, girls’ school.

2nd day, they went to parra (oh, this was when my sis got her bag). i didnt go, coz i’d be out next couple of days… and i didn’t want my feet dead b4 NZ =P so i stayed at home, and then my sis came back with skinny jeans!!!~!!! i was like, nawwww, i want a pair!!! so my mum was like, ok, we’ll go to macquarie, yeah? me: now?! mum: yeah. so macquarie we went. and guess who i saw there? yep, ben zhu. with his family. i pretty loudly stage-whispered his name, but being the deaf person he was, he didn’t hear me, when i was literally 2 metres away ==’ watevs. then we went back to another shop, and he was there again ~ seems like we’re not the only people wanting jeans. so this time we sed hi and yeah.

3rd day was today with primary friends. CHIPMUNKS!!!! chippettes, not so much… CHIPMUNKS FTW!!! omgoshomgoshomgosh theodore and simon are sooo cutee <3 and their songs are pretty awesome xD lololol

ay, awkward silences, and lots of  “i dont mind”s since we haven’t seen each other since… last term? heh. but good time x) i dont reeli know what else to say, since most of u ppls reading this blog are high school ppls

i <3 “after christmas” sales


and tomoz, we’re gonna sweep thru parra ~~