by cloudier

more links that i couldn’t be bothered formatting properly

[one] tequila shots! – sub-studio design blog

[two] about dating – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

[three] sexy 1950s-inspired computer – it’s orange!~

[four] this girl is freaking high

*i think most words ending in -ic should actually end in -ix, it makes them sound like SUPERHERO NAMES ! like TELEPATHIX, GIGANTIX, MANECTRIX (POKEMON I KNOW, BUT IT CAME TO MIND WHEN I WAS SEARCHING FOR -IC WORDS.) POETIX, ABIOTIX, LOGISTIX [wth dom. OMG I HAVE STARTED TO TALK TO MYSELF. WTF.], APOLOGETIX, [my this is one sad list of -ic words. i cant think of much >>] OHOHOH MAGNETIX, ULTRASONIX, SONIX !, TRAGIX, NEUROTIX, I THINK THATS ENOUGH WORDS-IX. kay good luck reading that. so many interruptions dom. [THERE IT IS AGAIN.] okay ill bold in an attempt to make it easier (:

[five] the ethics of santa – pea soup

[six] (almost) Foolproof! A Pictorial Guide to Avoiding Camera Loss