by car.


i haven’t blogged in a while, so sorry :P ty to all those ppls who still visit our blog even though we haven’t exactly had awesome, wild, funny posts for a while… or any post, for that matter…

YAY!!! end of one year ^^ the past couple of weeks leading up to the beginning of the summer holidays went by sooooo s-l-o-w-l-y. i thought school was never gonna end. BUT IT DID!!

and for ONCE (since ages), im going overseas in the summer holidays. but this holiday is actually pretty…busy. coz i gotta start looking for places to go during work placement and i gotta start on SLP with chewbey, who’s on cadet annual… GAHH. anyhooo, im going to NZ ^^ YAIY!! we’ve been planning this with 2 other families for like, a year?

and i’ve run out of things to say… have a happy & safe trip for all those who are going overseas! and MERRY CHRISSY!!!

shall i save the ‘happy new year’ for another post? yeah, so then i would actually have something to blog about xDD