by bezzle

a week till christmas!

though wouldn’t you know it, today being wet and cold.  and me having to walk to the dentist, all on my lonesome.  and walk back.  it’s really annoying how your legs get all itchy when you walk/run too much.  and what irks me even more is that i had to wait and it turned out i didn’t really needed to have gone at all.

i’m glad school’s over, i was beginning to get sick of sausage sandwiches and soft drinks.  bother, now i have to think about work experience.  nothing appealing comes to mind.  i’m such a worrywart.

is it weird to think that wireless internet is cool and modern and yeah?  because i didn’t know i had wireless until i got my government laptop and they were explaining it and the computer dude said who has wireless at home and everyone except me and some other person put their hands up.  it turns out i’ve had wireless for what, two years now?  isn’t it cool how you can get internet without plugging your computer in?

i have finally read eldest, the sequel to eragon.  i mean seriously, it was getting ridiculous how it was never in the libraries i frequent in the past three years, whereas the books before it and after it have.

oh yeah.  back to the mental list i was composing when i was pointlessly walking towards the dentist, with my socks slipping past my heels.  things that annoy me (currently, subject to change, please see terms and conditions):

  • when authors forget their own story characters and/or plots.  i find this a bit hard to believe, but i have encountered this phenomenon several times in my illustrious reading career.  there is really no excuse.  misplaced punctuation marks and misused/misspelt words such as the common ‘it’s/its’ is still bad, but excusable as i think the book editors would be quite busy.but changing characters’ names?  changing what happened in a previous book?  if i can remember what happened in a novel by reading it once, how do you stuff up?  hello, you wrote this story.  you came up with this entire plot and the characters in it.  how do you forget what’s going on???
  • long fingernails.  not that i mind it so much on other people, just on myself.  because others manage to keep gunk away from under their nails, but i always seem to have ag just when i’ve forgotten to cut my nails.  and i just think shorter nails are more practical?  comfortable?  in my case, cleaner?  i don’t know.  just another random dislike.
  • mosquitoes that come out of the rain.  wait, is that how you spell mosquitoes?  i don’t like them anyway.[looking at it now, don’t you think ‘mosquito’ looks like the name of an alcoholic drink?  maybe that’s ‘mojito’ you’re thinking of, bezzle.]
  • those little bits of wet brown grass/leaves/dirt that sticks your shoes and legs when you walk in the rain

okay, some happy stuff.  um.  i can’t think of anything, except that i’m going to the gold coast next month.  yay!  and i got what i wanted for christmas from my parents.  (although one was unwanted, but not in a bad way.  as in i never asked for one but i got one anyway.)  yay!  and i have managed to keep my other christmas presents unopened.  yay!

*terms and conditions: i have a much larger list that is in my head, this is a small sample of what i can think of right now as the short term memory in my head has shrunken quite alarmingly over the past month of bludge.  surely i can’t be going senile already!