by bezzle

it’s been pretty quiet here…

on tuesday, i got bitten by a mosquito in history.  six times.  finished watching howl’s moving castle in japanese and it was a good movie – i love the doggie!  played scrabble with victor. 

voudon; voodoo

zine;an inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication

accidentally left my laptop in the maths classroom, thank you hasmeera! 

so.  today.  was about to leave home, when i realised my low-battery-levelled laptop which i had plugged in to charge last night was NOT charged as i had very conveniently forgot to turn on the switch at the powerpoint last night.

our science class was quite, erm, interesting.  the teacher was talking about a 3km wide beach that’s almost horizontal, and the humongous tides rushing in and having to run away.  mmhm i want to go there…  and digging holes to poo in vs. not digging holes and mounds of poo…

now, because my day has been nicely uneventful, i will talk about something that has recently been annoying me very much.  i really dislike it when people take thriftiness overboard, especially at the sake of others.  and at the last minute too, when everything has been organised.  that’s all i’m going to say about it.

either the laptop i’m typing this on has a very large screen, or i’m getting used to the small government ones.  i have been having fun experimenting with all the adobe cs4 stuff though.

today was the second day of SLP (sorry if the time seems really disjointed, i’m adding on).  i would recommend the program, but sitting still for three hours an be quite discomforting.  got all these inspirational speeches and stuff.  then heard this lady teach us how to present speeches and stuff. 

was walking to the bus stop, then just remembered i had an orthodontist appointment 20m away from the bus i needed to catch.  phew.

walked home, watched anime and ate (well what other verb can you use?) a frozen popper.  i hate it when the juice melts and you’re left with ice which doesn’t taste good.  also had an american kitkat (the design looks like a cheap knock-off) and crunchy coated peanuts (my current snack food).