Blasted Heat

by car.

Maybe i should have saved this title for later, but GEE. it’s so hot. heatwave ~ lucky we had two days of SLP, sitting in the air-conditioned lecture theatre… but it was actually getting sorta cold at the end. and sitting there for a whole TWO days is…phew.

but it was aiite interesting, the bit where we learnt wat sorta worker we were, half the communication stuff, shaz’s speech was WOW.

shame bout having to do a community project tho xDD ohh, guy from last year hosted (and is hosting) a one-hour radio show. WHOAH. makes me feel like we can actually achieve something. i’ve always thought that we were…still young and insignificant xD


watching twilight finally. i remember why i didn’t want to watch it in the first place, and im only watching it coz we’re going to see new moon on monday x) i have so many…complaints?…disagreements with the movie. the casting is all wrong. bella should have a slightly higher voice, edward shouldn’t look like he wants to puke half the time he’s with bella & he shouldn’t be literally sparkling and white from the body glitter in the sun. yuck. and in the scene where he’s first in biology, he looked like he had wings (and wants to puke…). billy, carlisle, rosalie, jasper =/ i totally dont agree with the casting. i hope its better in new moon, which ive heard it apparently is, coz taylor lautner cuts his hair and… yeah. yucky hair. i shall always remember him as the ‘murtaugh’ kid from cheaper by the dozen =) now there’s a good movie xD


term 4 is SUCH a bludge. these two days is SLP, next week is carbon kids, week 7 has 20 ppl going on camp & end of yr concert?, week 8 has canteen picnic, german excursion, music ppls going to see wicked (ME SO JEALOUS), cadets on annual. and week 9 ends on tues!!! yay!!

ohhh, and my dad just had his bday, so we had a seafood dinner at home…prawns, scallops, oyster, CRAB. WOW BEST CRAB EVER!!! srsly. fresh, big, meaty…and yummy….im so full x)


gl surviving this summer ppls ^^ (and i apologise if i offended anybody with the twilight rant. i like the books, but the movie is eurgh)