by car.

i cant think of anything else to post, ok??

and i haven’t posted in a while, so here i am. i cant remember much of this week either =/

so we got our laptops on friday, and they are so tiny. the screen is tiny, the keyboard is tiny, the scroll pad is tiny, the whole thing is reeli tiny. heh. now ive gotta remember to bring my 8GB usb to skool.


time for more predictions ~

in 20 years time, the world will recognize us as the first grade to get these DERvices. how? we, the guinea pig year, will have:

1. hunched backs, bent heads

2. squinty eyes

3. twitching fingers

4. lack of concentration at everything that doesn’t involve technology (yeah, that involves a lack of listening)

but im glad our grade got these laptops – its cooler than missing out xD


im running out of things to say – this week was reeli normal (surprise surprise)

ahhhh, oh yes, one last thing. ty to bubbles, i have now victimised another person with a nickname. say helloooooo to SUPERGLUE !!! ( all credit goes to bubbles ;] and btw, i didn’t make up “bubbles”, and i dont call bubbles “bubbles” – i call bubbles “bin”. AM I MAKING SENSE?!?!?!)