by car.

today was mentally chaotic. It felt like somebody died and i didn’t know.

in com, as we were entering the room, a guy in the class asks “sir, when are our laptops coming?” then the teacher whipped around and started screaming at him. amongst many things, he called him an “arrogant, insolent moron” and slammed the textbooks down onto the table. it was dead quiet after that. very scary. maybe something went wrong in the morning, or the whole laptop thing was bugging him, but, as my friend sed, it’s unethical for a teacher to take it out on a student like that. half the class had geo with him next, and were going “ohgosh, aiyaa”, but he’d mostly calmed down by then thankfully. we did more sketching ^^ here’s last time’s school farm =) (its blurring from the scanning…sorry)


school farm sketch


we got our maths yrlies back (cant they take longer to mark them!? haha) and at recess, heaps of ppls were crying. i guess i cant empathize with them, since i dont have strict parents and i dont set such high standards for myself. yay, i improved :] but hey, all those who were unhappy with their mark prob beat me… at the beginning of recess, i felt high (prob coz of the choccy i was eating) and by the end of it, i felt like crying too =( gosh, it was depressing. i wont say anymore, coz then u might all think im insensitive =/

heyy, its the 20th anniversary of the taking down of the berlin wall today, i think. we spent a while in german reading up on articles about it… and talked about clothes in deutsch. we spent a while talking about the difference between jumpers, jackets, windcheaters and sloppy joes. ARGH. I like wearing a t-shirt, shorts and thongs -> Ich trage gern ein T-shirt, Shorts und Flip-Flops. see? it’s pretty easy =P

and wats wrong with “servus” ?? (besides it sounding like servant in latin…)