by cloudier

(one) music

(Coffee’s for Closers). Allow me to rephrase; Folie à deux tastes like summer yesterday.

It Doesn’t Really Matter, For Stars, It Falls Apart.
I hate the cover for Kelly Clarkson’s album All I Ever Wanted. But that doesn’t mean her songs are bad.
On the other hand, here is a delicious album cover…


album Spain by Between The Trees.

I’m learning how to be normal. It’s more advantageous to be ordinary than unique. Even celebrities; they’re just extra ordinary – beautiful is how normal your physical appearance is.

(two) everyone’s being inspiring.

shelley wants to go wandering;-

here and now

I have always wanted to just take a train to somewhere I’ve never been and then a bus and just run and run and run to nowhere, and just get lost for the sake of it, there’s so much out there I don’t know

and so does amanda;-

i’ve always wanted to do this. the idea of the world being so vast, and my perceptions so little scares me. i want to go on a roadtrip. i want to take a gap year. i want to go by the back roads, not the highways. i want to take stupid touristy photos in front of every larger-than-life-size statue that exists. i want to get lost and find myself (sooo cheesy). i want to know more than i do. i want to see everything.

you only live once.


crystal wants to make everyone happy

You look lovely today.i am going to go around the city,

sticking up signs of wisdom


i will become famous

they will talk about me

i will be a mystery

the mysterious person who

sticks things up

This reminds me of a this vending machine somewhere in metropolitan America that I read about in the newpaper. Its function was along the lines of providing plain white cards with a phrase that ought to brighten your day.

I think that it should force you to put in a silver coin…which is given back to you when the card comes out.

(three) more uninteresting facts about my day

there is a dead pixel in the centre of the screen of my ipod touch.