by car.

I wasnt gonna post, and just comment on bezzle’s post instead, but yeah…

yesterday was good.

so for history/geography exam, nobody knew where to go. the WHOLE of yr 9 was blocking up the WHOLE of C block. i mean, C 2 was packed with yr 9’s and 7’s, who had maths there, and there were about 20 people outside the hsie staffroom… then one teacher upstairs were telling them to go according to roll classes, an hsie teacher downstairs were telling us to go according to his/geo classes. VERY confusing. but funny.

played with my new deck of cards at recess and lunch… gee guys, i reeli dont care if they’re paper/plastic/laminated/notthatgreatquality etc. they’re CARDS. and they’re mine.


in afl, we just kicked the footies around…lalalala, it was fun, coz we had subs, and it was chaos on the oval. some were just kicking and punting, and some were aiming it at the goal. whoah, you guys can all kick so dang far!! we (think we) found Frank, the footy assigned to us last time, which we’re very fond of. ty to all who bowed down to Frank – he forever loves you. All Hail FRANK!!! (and Stein, but Stein is old and mouldy…) 

heh heh, now i feel like a two yr old =P

in double geo, we walked down to the farm to do some field sketches… and i mean the FARM not the plots. uh, we all crowded into that lane leading up to the ruse cottage, and when we were all in, we realised the cows were in the same paddock as us!!! 15 metres away. wow. anyhoo, we sketched a view…of bushed, clumps of pimply grass and power lines… never drawing with va ppls agn; makes u feel inferior and glad that you dont take va urself =D

u know, our geo teacher is the only teacher who’s not in ag who’s taken us down to the farm…like, all the way to the dam, basically. it was a very good lesson =)

as u would’ve read in the last post by bezzle, we saw victor after the bell… but i didn’t know bout that poor yr 7 kid!!! ahahahahah, poor guy xDD and gee, ur younger than victor, bezzle…granny indeed.