Fav. Newsletter

by car.

that’s right my little minions… my favourite skool newsletter is this week’s. so much thats interesting in there =D

from the unveiling of our past principal’s portrait, to a change of reports for next year. from building new buildings to language learners. it’s all in there darlinks…

(yeah, im feeling slightly high)

so reports. there is gonna be ONE WHOLE PAGE for each subject…and a record of extracurricular activities…and a student learning profile…? i dunno what that is…

blahblahblah. to interesting stuff.

we’re having a new building?!?! is that the bit next to the music room that alex nearly ran into?? looks sqishy…so maybe not…’sides, i liked that place :] so i wonder where this new building is … hmm…

and hey! we’re finishing skool on tuesday YAY

ohh, and of course, i forgot to mention – YEARLIES 09 OVER!!

we’ll of course be looking forward to next yrs…heh heh.


also in the newsletter was a bit on language learners. so on behalf of the german class, i would now like to classify us as “visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic learners”. We like to look at piccies and talk to each other in spouts of grammatically-incorrect german (we’re getting there…). We like to learn by “touching and manipulating objects” – a wonderful example would be tuesday’s lesson, when our teacher brought in magnetic “kath & kim” with attachable clothing. im proud to say that we spent one whole period putting different clothes on them, taking piccies, laughing at some of the weird and ugly styles of clothing, and had fun in general =) Kinesthetic, you say? yes indeed. We “like movement and need frequent breaks” during our lessons. Since the end of last term, we have been asking for getting 5 mins breaks during double lessons, to check out what fun the other classes are up to freshen up and re-energise, i guess. *shhh* Yes, these breaks are mandatory for our learning and our health too ;] esp. as summer is nearing…ARGH hot… Ohh, and now the french class is going to complain and ask for breaks as well =D

ahhh, ich liebe meine deutsch klasse =P