by bezzle

history we studied ag and matt came up with a good/lame/awful joke:

victor: [testing us] what are some uses of corn?

matt: to make corny jokes!

chorus: ahhggg!

commerce was bludgy as we had a sub teacher and she told us to do work or sleep.  talked about parental profanity while driving and language, blogs, horror siblings, veins (oh my gosh johnny has veins that spell out his initials, one on each hand!!) and the guys started comparing their fitness (why??).

nothing really happened today, had one period of english quiet studying which i did not need as i can’t study in dead silence and by myself.  made lists with cloud and carmen instead on paper.

top 10 icecream flavours:

1. vanilla

2. mint choc

3. cookies and cream

4. lemon sorbet

5. banana

6. triple choc

7. mango

8. raspberry split

9. coffee

10. neapolitan

top 10 confectionery:

1. toblerone!

2. strawberry clouds

3. ferrero rocher

4. rondnoir.  yay cockroach poo!

5. lindt truffles

6. bueno

7. gummi worms

8. aero

9. nerds

10. sour straps

then talked heaps with carmen, cloud and sydo about unicycles, flying, handstands, vertical slides and friction burns, popping kneecaps, all sorts of random stuff fun! (edit by almonds2~ i had a suicidal thought…bout jumping off the library balcony bit, coz i felt like flying…)

after sport, took a walk, sat down and made a very disturbing story.  sydo scared us by telling us with something about the hygienity (is that a word?) of the toilet seats at school…  played big two.

my spelling’s shot to bits. 

weels weels weels.

wait, why did i edit this again?  right.

i realised that ‘almonds2’ can be read as ‘almond<3’.  right.