by bezzle

there are just too many painful memories in my head right now.  if only there was something like the pensieve in harry potter that exists.  but then to recall a memory you put in it wouldn’t you have to remember it first??  ah paradox!!

i hope you all reading this actually enjoy reading our blog, and it’s not just us accidentally logged off and reading our posts racking up the views…  but whatever, it’s a way of venting the rubbish in my brain.  thought regurgitation?  reminds me of the time carmen was talking about a softer way of saying spat (as in ‘spat out gum’) and i said ‘plop’ and she said ‘ploop’ and then i said ‘regurgitation’.  regurgitation reminds me of toilets ok i’ll stop now.

today was fast.  everything past by so quickly, thank goodness that’s happening in yearlies week.  my gosh, do you reckon my parents will let me watch glee this week?  no i don’t want to miss it!

anyway, english/drama was urgh.  hey maybe i should make that a tag.  not going to go into details, but argh drama irritates me, i can’t put my finger on it.  science was weird why did the teacher refuse to teach us anymore incase we got more information than the other class he teaches?  there should not be a limit to how much a teacher does.  that goes against ethics.  man he was saying (literally) that he was a better teacher than the other class’ main science teacher at physics and that it would put them at a disadvantage.  what?!

haha dad has bought a tool like those rubbish picker things you use to pick up stuff.  it has rubber cups on the ‘fingers’, which is good because he bought it so i could pick up eggs but he already bought a perfect sized golf ball picker upperer but i don’t care because this one is even cooler.  and it even says ‘wear eye protection’ on the tag!

kate miller heidke’s caught in the crowd is really good.  her voice and lyrics are so sweet.

i think either everybody is trying to drive me up the wall, or i’m just really really short-tempered right now.  i mean it.  every little thing is annoying me right now, and no it’s not stress.  far out listen to me when i tell you something! 

mm dinner smells goooooood…….

arrrrr my pen keeps on running out of ink while i’m writing my ag stuff up, and then when i scribble on a piece of scribble paper it works instantly!  this has happened exactly ten times, even when i got a new pen!!  arrrrrrr