by bezzle

yesterday i was not happy john.  more ticked off than usual.  had to run to roll call, etc. bad mark in essay.  surprise test in history.  electro gum.  yearlies next week.  i’m not going to pretend i’m not stressing like everyone else.  what annoys me is that i can’t do stuff like read books without feeling guilty.

i really want to write down/post what makes me angry, but you’ve probably already read raging posts and i can’t rationalise what i feel like right now and what i’ve been doing.  plus, we need a bit of cheer!  happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts

i’ll just imagine what i’m going to do in the summer holidays.

does anybody know if smiggle still sells those awesome staplers that no one ever figures out how to work?  victor keeps on fiddling with mine, he wants one but says the one in the city doesn’t sell them anymore.

i need to go shopping for stationery because i need a good compass and protractor and ruler and stuff.  and an umbrella.

my sister found a six leaf clover in my backyard’s mutant patch!

today at school they were selling all this ‘halloween’ stuff.  everybody got fairy floss and toffee apples and stuff.  i don’t think i’ve ever had a toffee apple.  i love fairy floss machines, they’re fun.  i have a newfound craving for chupa chups.  because they’re the best lollipop. 

catchy-  tik tok by ke$ha (she spells her name with a dollar sign…)

emotional- russian roulette by rihanna

ow i just stubbed three of my toes on a chair.

okay went shopping, first had easyway and egyptian food at eastwood.  tip: if you ever have blended ice easyway, don’t get pearls.  went shopping at parramatta.  everybody dresses the same there, in particular the women.  had to watch my brother at the kids playland thing, and felt sick because of the fumes from the pet store which smelt like head lice killer.

i am amazed and envious of how children can make friends so easily.

the awesome-looking new dyson air multiplier.  (it’s a fan.) 

how it works: a jet accelerates surrounding air and amplifies it fifteen times, no blades so the airflow is smooth and no danger of chopped fingers.  available for only $399!