by cloudier

i feel like i’m dying, yearlies are so STRESS STRESS STRESS

listening to lots of music

congratulating self on putting excellent songs on touch in the past

now to update.

va excursion was very relaxing

forget about yearlies for a day

lots of photos, playground yay

also can’t wait to see lian’s photos, sigh such photography skills

he took a pic of vaclass reflected off alex’s sunglasses

time to cram cram cram

but i dont have the energy or the motivation

its too big, too much to know, to memorise

going to fail english, whatever

going to fail at maths. only topics i’m decent at are polynomials and probability. fuck.

going to fail science, just because i always do.

history, maybe.

i hate fodder conservation, johnston is not the best teacher in the world. last year, told us just to look through fodder conservation chapter, didn’t teach anything.

pe, well, i dont give a fuck.

how do you study va? i wonder what the past papers look like.

im eating less than usual. these tests are getting to me.

a good nights sleep, what might that mean?


im going crazy

not like i wasnt cynical or paranoid in the first place

my head hurts

i should eat something.

rage post end.