by car.

read it as bludge, or bludgy or watevs. WOW. since it’s the week b4 the yrlies, i’d never have thought that we would get a day like today. did basically NO WORK.


first up, yr meeting AGN. nothing much, but once agn feel like we’re the guinea pig year… and hey, wat have i achieved these past three yr?! O_O

so missed out on german, which was the only thing i was looking forward to, since we’re only getting our test back (stop stressing vase)

then pe, teacher late, realised we had to memorise stuff on …driving??/alcohol. which we have basically not touched on all yr. then we had maths. and i was once agn reminded that sitting between ben and bezzle and geoff is NOT a good thing if you want to feel calm. blahblahblahblahblah!!! ARGHH

library duty yay. circulation is way more fun than shelving. and i think i zapped those barcodes pretty fast today =D

double geo was surprisingly bludgy. teacher late-ish… and he was HIGH. i quote: “i should not have had that last cup of coffee…coffee makes me highhh!!!” O_O and whoah! since va ppls were on excursion, our class was smaller, and we had 5 girls. vaish started giggling like CRAZY, and then she was like “he looks like a little kid!” i mean, the teacher was SRSLY that high. so funfunfun. and we all started giggling too… then the duty officer gave him these envelopes, he opened them…stoned while reading them, and then went out of the classroom. we thought he was just getting something, but he didn’t come back for the rest of the period =DD so we were just playing on our phones, taking piccies, chatting, and richard was calling kiran…. all while trying to scan thru the textbook for notes… it was AWESOME. most high moment of the day.

lunch, me and bea went to collect stamps for jr award. we saw heaps of other ppls holding diaries, and it was hilarious, coz usually nobody uses them.

more maths…more jabber jabber…sorry ben for hitting u =D was feeling very frustrated about _____ … yeah. cloud, can i contract u?? u know for wat ;]

then ag. went down to the farm, thank goodness it wasnt raining. teacher was fixing the top of the net on the peach orchard… and as usual, we helped him do a little bit, then went and played cards. coz there srsly wasnt much we could do. two groups of ppls playing cards, guys bashing each other with bamboo poles, just general bludge. and then johnny came and was like “omgosh u lucky ppls” coz his class actually had to work…ahhh…

ohohoho, victor had an awesome silverbeet =D it was long/tall…


yay, so that’s today. must go do more cramming now ^^