by car.

studying just doesn’t work for me. i cant read things weeks beforehand and be expected to remember it all. so i cram. cramming works better. it’s almost the same as studying, except you do it in a shorter amount of time and you run things over faster. only problem is, of course, the lack of time. 7 subjects in 2 weeks. i think that’s about it? and i just wish we got our exam timetables earlier…

oh, and this reminds me. tytyty to anu for providing our whole grade with notes =)

when i feel bored, i often say i am hungry, tired, sleepy, hungry, bored or hungry. yeah. and then i stone. and then i suddenly feel like singing humpty dumpty… quote from bezzle: “of all songs!!” you can sing it all in one breath, and sing it reeli fast…

i think the yrlies are doing my head in.

i was going to write something else, but i have forgotten. so lastly, i just want to put in a quote for the guy out there who we all reckon is emo…

“Don’t fall in love with somebody who doesn’t love you back – it’s not cool” Herbie John

p.s. not that the girl knows anything about this…TALK TO HER GEEZ.


~ edit ~

i feel reminiscent. not sure if that actually describes how i feel, but yeah. just linking from blog to blog, and finding an old primary friend-then-not-a-friend. yeah. feeling sort of sad too. =(