by bezzle

i wish the weather would lighten up.

yes i know that is hypocritical of me to say that, when i like rain, but not when it is spring.  not when it should be warm.  and not when i have sport.  okay, enough about the weather.

i’m a bit messed up time-wise right now.  things i did last summer holidays seem so long ago.  our ‘new’ classes still seem so new.  but it seems to be november/december to me.   what is going on???

i have mixed feelings about football.  i like most types of sport, but football is urgh.  PE, did  AFL skills, gah so painful!  heehee the AFL balls are red, our one looked like a bouncing frankfurt.  hence the name frank.  swapped with the group next to us.  handballed the ball once, all three of us (almond carms, cloud and me) were missing kicking.  they made flamboyant slapping motions while (shiftily) throwing the ball.

ah no i’ve forgotten to borrow almond carmen’s ag book!!!

why is the delete button now called ‘trash’?  i like delete better, it sounds more permanent…

and stupid addiction to temperance brennan novels right now.  week before yearlies.


a big thank you

to all who have put up with my absent mindedness.  thank you for reminding me.  thank you for tolerating me.  thank you for giving me what i forget.  and this is about to worsen.

and a


to those i have raged at unnecessarily (if any), i’ve just been so tired.  if i’m tired, that is my only mood, unless something irritates me. 

good luck for yearlies, all.