billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!

by bezzle

i couldn’t be bothered blogging yesterday, as i had just got capped (!) because i was playing the arrow of time.  yes, i never learn.  no, i probably won’t be able to anyway.  i finished the game, though. yay!

i slept in yesterday, for the first time i can remember, as most times when i sleep in it doesn’t really affect anything.  got woken up by my sister at 8:13 (!!) and mum later got up at 8:25 (!!!).  rushed to school, passed victor on the way, ran to roll call and made it.  whew.

we were running the 1.6 yesterday.  for those who don’t know, that’s a 1.6km run we do every term.  anyway, cue general ‘i don’t want to run’ comments.  got it over and done with, felt pretty good afterwards, except felt like i was getting aphyxiated by barbecue smoke while the teacher was going over a new project we’d been set.  hach, hack.

lunch, we played big two, and then went off to a double history, wrote down more notes and stuff.  cloud cut off matt’s half inch rat-tail and ben was forced to go with the head of HSIE to go send out notes.  played around with johnny’s very smart-looking burberry glasses.

went home on the early bus and continued my daily ritual of burning one side of my face.

was at a vietnamese restaurant tonight.  watched the waiter put down the bowl of fish sauce and take his thumb out, along with a strand of carrot, which was flicked to the floor.  eww.  i don’t even want to think about what happens in the kitchen… 

did you know prawn chips are made of tapioca

which is what pearls in milk tea are also made of?